Explanation: In 1997 I ran a short Ars Magica campaign. This campaign was after the Ars Magica-inspired Magi campaign in the world of Guederia we played in 1996, and after the Majorca and Mercenary campaigns in the world of Levar, using RQ-related rules in 1997. One of the challenges we had at this time was that fourth edition was not out yet, so we needed to work out what would be appropriate using 3rd edition.

Malatesta Saga Introduction

The Malatesta Covenant began as the friends of Baron Alfiolo's brother, Paolo, freeloading off of the largess of the Baron. The Baron thinks of himself as a learned man and enjoys the prestige of supporting a group of scholars. He occassionally parades the covenant magi before his visitors as "his staff."

Castel d'Alfiolo
The castle of Baron Alfiolo houses the covenant. Augurs of the Etruscan civilization made sacrifices at this location to divine the future. A small temple to Mercury survived until the Visigoths destroyed it in the early 400s. Around 1090, the Alfiolo family built the original keep, now the west tower.

Townhouse in Perugia
The covenant has a townhouse in the city of Perugia. Students come to the townhouse to learn and allowing the magi to each earn extra income.

The saga is set in the wild lands of central Italy in Umbria. Umbria is part of the Papal States. Baron Alfiolo owes fealty to Count Baglioni and who is influenced by Duke Montefeltro of Urbino, and of course Pope Innocent III in Rome. Baron Oddi and Count Baglioni of Perugia mainly spend their time and effort dominating the rest of northern Umbria and fighting Spoleto.